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The DIM Foundation is the heart of the DIM Ecosystem
(DIM-E). It is a non-profit organisation that is responsible for the marketing, public relations, customer care the and oversight of DIM brands (DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies, DIM Cryptocurrencies and future DIM denominated coins).

Some of the profits received by the DIM Foundation will be utilised to further improve the brands in order to increase the core value of the ecosystem. The DIM Foundation is registered in Singapore, but regional DIM Foundations can be created if there is enough uptake respective regions.




Introducing DIM RPC and DIMPAY Update

From the time of last week’s update, the price of DIMCOIN has risen by 85%. We aim to keep this momentum going
with positive news and developments as we go forward and get closer to HYBSE. The community can look forward
to the pre-registration, which opens next week. This pre-registration will be on a landing page and will include an
impressive HYBSE trailer video.

While we wait for the landing page, here are this week’s update:

The DIMPAY Android mobile app has successfully completed its internal testing with the Ambassadors and
Promoters. We will have a public BETA test for the app soon with the community and will then begin the process of
making it available on the Android Playstore. The iOS version is currently in development.

This week we also introduce the DIM RPC, a new tool for exchanges to communicate with an RPC gateway
for DIMCOIN. With this innovation, we offer an RPC Protocol Connector that is 100% compatible with the NEM
Blockchain. This DIM tool has been open sourced and will be extended and optimized in the future by DIM
Developers around the globe. All developers are welcome to test and contribute to all our source code apps:

Listing on exchanges: unfortunately, the Korean exchange GOPAX has refunded us due to their company’s overload
of work as well as team member’s personal reasons. They have apologized profusely and hope to have us work
together in the future. We expect to have more news in the month of May and we believe the DIM RPC will help us
with this process.

The IBIN, International Blockshare Identification Number, website will be live on Wednesday. We are happy with
the community’s reaction to this innovative feature and look forward to companies applying for their IBIN.


IBIN Introduces Blockshares to the Blockchain

As we venture closer to the new Hybrid Stock Exchange, a trading platform based on blockchain technology, we
adopt innovative features to sustain the ever growing industry.

Most people that are familiar with the Stock Market are aware of the need of acquiring an ISIN. The International
Securities Identification Number (ISIN) is a 12 character code that uniquely identifies a specific security, such as
stocks. It is the most popular securities identifier and is used globally.

With the pre-registration for issuers and users soon to be opened, the inaugural DIM Ecosystem introduces the
International Blockshare Identification Number (IBIN), a 13 digit, unique serial number used to identify a
corporation or organisation for listing on the Hybrid Stock Exchange. It will be this unique IBIN that will be used as
a reference to buy, sell, trade and hold equity, with all details retained on the Blockchain.

In the coming weeks, issuers will be able to apply and register for their IBIN at no charge. This limited time offer is
available until the 31st August 2018 so be sure to check our DIMCOIN Social Media for the upcoming

For any questions and information, visit our DIMCOIN social platforms:

Twitter: @DIMCOIN_

2018/04/16 | DIM WEEKLY UPDATE dash

DIM Weekly Update

It is with great excitement that we announce and welcome our DIM Ambassadors.

It was a tough decision, as we received a large number of prospective resumes and application forms. The chosen
Ambassadors were selected for their several impressive achievements and skillset.

The role of a DIM Ambassador will be to promote the DIM Ecosystem to customers in their respective countries.
They will become the central figure in their regions. They also form part of our global ambassador network
becoming recognized figures in our crypto-financial industry.

Kimesha Naidoo, the DIM Foundation’s Relations Manager said, “The decision to finalize candidates just before the
launch of HYBSE was to enable the newly appointed ambassadors to assist companies and clients with listings on
HYBSE and market information.”

Listing news for DIMCOIN includes:

Australian exchange, Blockbid, who have have launched their QA beta testing today on testnet, are a secure and
speedy exchange to look forward to as they are affiliated with their countries government and insured by
cybersecurity insurance.

GOPAX, a Korean exchange who had a slight delay last week are now confident to have us listed soon.

DIMCOIN has reached first place for Lescovex voting, we thank the community for their help to get us there.
Cryptaldash, a multi-access crypto exchange, also requires voting for coins to be listed. To quicken the process, we
have bought Tokens to get into the first phase. The last requirement is 100 registrations from the community, we will
share this link in the DIMCOIN Official Group on Telegram.

Furthermore, there was a bug on the DEPOTWALLET due to an internal software transfer which was located and
resolved — while additional developments for DEPOTWALLET are being worked on.

Lastly, the price of DIMCOIN shot up by 50% last week as the market recovered.


2018/04/09 | DIM WEEKLY UPDATE dash

DIM Weekly Update

While we prepare for the weeks to come, we look forward to showing the community the hard work and unyielding
perseverance demonstrated by the DIM Team this past year. The community can expect such major updates in the
near future.

In the meantime, we have the following to report: The DIMPAY mobile app is in it’s final development phases and
moving forward. The first stage of the back end, internal testing has begun with the second stage starting towards
the end of the week.

The DIM Team welcomes two new development interns to the ever expanding development team. These junior
developers have completed their studies at top universities and are excited to be involved in this new, thrilling

The quest for listing on new exchanges is always ongoing. News includes BTC-Alpha creating an LTC pairing option
to increase its overall trade volume, as well as improving their design and image. This will benefit DIMCOIN as it
exposes us to more Altcoin investors and eliminates the delay of converting LTC to BTC, to DIM.

Lastly, we are pleased with the progress of our back-end administration structure for HYBSE. This is on track and
going according to plan. DIMCOIN thanks its investors for their continued support as we continue our journey. For
more information about DIMCOIN, visit

2018/04/06 | DIM Weekly Update dash

Two weeks ago we released the HYBSE trailer, and to date it has nearly one million views on Youtube! The high number of views and
positive feedback means that the word is spreading.

Also, as we announced last week, the position of Chief Ambassador Officer for the South America region has been filled, and we are
pleased to introduce to you the person who will be functioning in this crucial role. DIMCOIN welcomes Ayodele Popoola to the team.
We trust that you will do wonderful things as CAO and look forward to your positive contribution to the growth and strength of this or-

The Ambassador tool kits are almost ready to be shipped off — which means soon you’ll all be able to identify DIMCOIN Ambassadors by
some of the items below: 

We’d also like to encourage and remind everyone to keep voting for us to list on Cryptaldash. Simply create a log in account if you do not
already have one, and vote via Telegram. It’s really easy and straight forward, and it makes all the difference. We value your participation
as the DIM community and see it as a show of your interest in your investment in us, and our continued growth and advancement.

We are currently finalising negotiations with some of the exchanges that we’ve been engaged in discussions with. However, we intend
to stop listing on exchanges, with the aim of focusing our time and resources on adding value to HYBSE. We have already been fully en-
gaged in gathering information, internally and externally, as part of our decision-making process as we finalise due diligence for HYBSE.

Also, please be informed that we are currently working on a midyear report on the DIM Ecosystem. This report will include informati-
on on HYBSE, as well as details on all matters pertaining to the DIM Ecosystem. The DIM Ecosystem whitepaper will also accompany
the report. We expect that the report should be finalised and made available to all stakeholders before the end of the month of June



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