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The DIM Foundation is the heart of the DIM Ecosystem
(DIM-E). It is a non-profit organisation that is responsible for the marketing, public relations, customer care the and oversight of DIM brands (DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies, DIM Cryptocurrencies and future DIM denominated coins).

Some of the profits received by the DIM Foundation will be utilised to further improve the brands in order to increase the core value of the ecosystem. The DIM Foundation is registered in Singapore, but regional DIM Foundations can be created if there is enough uptake respective regions.



2018/10/28 | DIM Foundation Releases Its
Mobile Wallet for Android OS!

The beta version of DIMWALLET has been released! This means that you can now store all your DIM cryptonized-equities and XEM assets on your mobile device for easy access. DIMWALLLET can be downloaded from the Google Play Store here. It is currently available only on Android. An iOs version of the application will follow in due course. We encourage the community to review and give feedback on the DIMWALLET app.

Below is the description of the application available on Google Play:


The DIMWALLET allows you to send and receive your DIM cryptonized-equities. Store and manage your DIMCOIN, DIM TOKEN, DIM Currencies, XEM and any other NEM based mosaics in one secure place. It’s a 100% open source mobile application, with storage and signing so your key or password is never sent over the internet.

Main Features:

  • Import wallet with private key or scan your private key QR code
  • Import wallet from .wlt file (for existing and Nanowallet accounts)
  • Create a new wallet if you don’t already have one
  • Manage multiple wallets on the same app
  • Store multiple NEM based mosaics in one wallet
  • Easily send mosaics with QR code from recipient (No need to type long addresses)
  • Create a QR code to receive funds from another person (Invoicing)
  • Store all regular addresses in your address book to easily send funds
  • View all your past and incoming transactions
  • Easily share your address via SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp or other IM apps
  • Export your wallet file for backup
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Bio-metric access to your app

The DIMWALLET is based on the open source NEM wallet ( More Information:



Disclaimer: The DIMWALLET app is still in development. Although it has been extensively tested, the DIMCOIN team is not responsible for any malfunctions or loss of funds. Use at your own risk!

Additional Information

Version: 1.3.3 Beta

Size: 7.2 MB

Required Android: 6.0+


NEMAndroidApp — NEM Android Wallet Application

2018/10/19 | DIM Announcement dash

Dear Community,

Verification email concerns have been addressed. Our dedicated IP address is currently being warmed up, this means that it is in the process of gaining reputation and may result in some emails being delivered into the spam folder. Should this happen, kindly assist us in positively increasing the reputation by marking it as “Not Spam”.

We have found security risks associated with social media registrations and these options will be completely removed for added protection. If you have already registered using a social media profile, kindly select the “forgot password” option and enter the email address linked to that social media account. After which, an email will be sent to you to create a new password and you will then be able to log in via that email address. Alternatively, you can create a new account.

For any bugs, errors, issues or general feedback, kindly email [email protected] For any questions, queries or suggestions, kindly email [email protected]

2018/10/11 | Demo trading is live! dash

Dear Community,

We are pleased to announce that the Demo trading is now live! Simply go to and click on “Learn” and then “Start Demo Trading”. We kindly ask the community to help us test the demo trading and functionality of the website as a whole.

Issuers that are interested in the Initial Blockshare Offering (IBO) are encouraged to complete the full Issuer registration. While the due diligence process is extensive, interested issuers can begin the process of submitting documents already once they click on the email activation link after registration.

For any bugs, errors, issues or general feedback, kindly email [email protected] For any questions, queries or suggestions, kindly email [email protected]

2018/10/09 | DIM Announcement dash

Dear Community

As mentioned in our previous post, the Demo Trading and HYBSE Whitepaper will be released tomorrow. We are aware of the small typo mentioning Wednesday the 9th, this should have been Wednesday the 10th of October.

The community can expect the following tomorrow:

 — Demo Trading  — IBO/Issuer registration  — HYBSE Whitepaper (includes additional learning material)

The KYC verification will include a new feature to be implemented, so it will not be available tomorrow. This feature will correlate with the upcoming news, kindly remain patient for this to be announced.

Additionally, we are currently waiting for the DIM X domain transfer to be completed. We originally planned to have that released tomorrow, as a surprise, but unfortunately, we did not expect the transfer to be delayed from the service provider. We currently expect a 24–48 hour delay.

We urge the community to help us test and use the above services. For any bugs, errors, issues or general feedback, kindly email [email protected] For any questions, queries or suggestions, kindly email [email protected]

2018/10/02 | LETTER TO OUR COMMUNITY dash

Dear Participants,

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your patience and continued faith in us and what we’re creating. We believe that we are now able to confidently present to you what we are so proud to have built over these past months. We are aware of insufficient communication, and we sincerely regret the frustration that it has caused you. Our intention was to engage with you without putting your investment at risk by sharing sensitive information with the public.

As an act of transparency, we would like to choose 10 of the most critical investors to have a confidential discussion with the executive team. This discussion can act as an Q&A but will have to be revealed under a Non Disclosure Agreement. The 10 chosen investors can hopefully reassure the community that the reason behind the teams secrecy is a valid one.

Now we are pleased to inform you that, not only have we developed the Hybrid Stock Exchange Software, but we have also created a crypto market, a crypto exchange, DIM X and DIM Currencies. In addition, several stores around the world have expressed an interest in the use of DIM Currencies. This list will be available in December.

We have established and finalised a technical and legal way on how to bring institutionalised investors into the DIM Ecosystem for the very first time. Through that, we will launch a DIM based ETF collateralized by BTC and traded on HYBSE.

At the same time, the HYBSE system serves and accommodates the individual that does not have a bank account because of geographic or financial reasons. The participation of a significant number of such ‘unbanked’ individuals on our network will create the opportunity to semi bank on an individual bases without a bank account.

What we’ve created, of course, is bigger than that. The possible applications for the software we’ve developed are extensive, and the scope of this venture is way beyond what we imagined when we first conceived of it many years ago. Thus, we have created a crypto market franchise system, and anyone, anywhere in the world can apply for a licence.

This will result in the creation of regional crypto exchanges where locals can exchange cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies, bringing them into the DIM Currency system. Once the participants on those exchanges enter the DIM Currency system, they will gain access to stores, The Hybrid Stock Exchange, business services and a range of other solutions related to the DIM Ecosystem.

We have white labelled our crypto market, piloting a project with a well established company in South Africa. The company is privately held and run, and we as a group have no stake in it. DIM TOKEN holders earn through the transaction fees — so every time somebody transfers something anywhere in the world using DIM denominated currencies, DIM TOKEN holders will receive a portion of the transaction fees. Therefore, the more DIM crypto exchanges are opened on a global scale, the more revenue will be generated for eligible DIM TOKEN holders.

As mentioned above, our state-of-the-art exchange software has many possible applications, and we have discovered that beyond the HYBSE, there is also an interest for other kinds of exchanges, such as a sports exchange, an art exchange, a rare materials exchange — among others. The software can easily be adapted to all such use-cases.

Breaking new ground always presents unique challenges, and on the journey to launching the Hybrid Stock Exchange, the biggest and most expensive challenge has been the legal framework in the background, and the best partner that could help us on an international level was Baker McKenzie in Germany.

We are glad to have our early and ICO investors alongside us on this great adventure. Again, we appreciate your participation and patience.

Kind regards,

The DIM Team



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